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The legal predecessor of OptiCost Ltd. is established


Our staff reaches 20 people


Hotel Azúr light current system


Wireless IP Security surveillance camera system at Sagvar


Magyar Cukor Zrt. integrated Security System (ISS)


New 300m2 headquarter with renewable green energy sources


Developing our Smart Meetering and Smart Grid Energy System


Developing of LOLO, a new way of fruit snacks


Developing of Mediconsec


Opti-Cost Ltd. was founded as a single-member company in 1999, but became one of the most determinative security firm in the Transdanubian region by now.

Nowadays the security of our family, belongings and ourselves are not just an essential need, but became our fundamental right.

Tamás Nagy

Managing Director

Nagy Tamás képe

Péter Nagy

Managing Director

Nagy Péter képe

Gabriella Szaksz

Chief Financial Officer

Szaksz Gabriella képe

Our family business ready to provide You the widest variety of solutions, even in completely customized ways. We are at your disposal with our professional experience and confidence in personalized and individually managed solutions also.

Serving the public sector is also part of our scope of activities. We have already modernized the integrated security and low-current systems of many local governments, public institutions and settlements in the region.

We designed and implemented the security monitoring system of more than 40 settlements, which contributed to the suppression of public space violations.

Opti-Cost Ltd. also built one of the largest fire alarm systems in the country.

We have installed a paid parking system and a camera access system for four hospitals, making it easier for planning and traceability. Our activities are diverse, but our strength is the complex task solution.

„We like to see trough and understand the whole project, than hold it together in one hand – from the first step.

So You just share your problems than sit back and relax… We will provide you the best solutions, express!”

Péter Nagy

Managing Director

We tailored our offers for different needs – so whether you are an entrepreneur or an individual – here You can find what you were looking for.

Awards & Certificates

Research & Development

Magyar cukor Zrt. integrated surveillance system (ISS)

We followed the construction with cameras

The task of the system

IFR monitors the systems of geographically separate sites, currently operating as an autonomous unit, on a single graphical interface and where appropriate it generates alarm events. Remote monitoring of an integrated system using an Internet browser.

Systems covered by the ISS

  • Fire alarm system
  • Security system
  • IP camera system
  • License plate recognition system
  • Scales
  • Barriers
  • SAP exported database

Structure of ISS

Applied structure: Client – Server. Each system involved in ISS has a separate management module that communicates with the site server.

The site server manages and logs the area. The on-premises servers are interconnected by a central server, which is both a server and a central repository with graphical management via an Internet browser.

Central server events are stored in an SQL database, so comprehensive search and data mining and data export from ISS are possible.

Security surveillance camera system of Kaposvár

200 Cameras - Wireless Gigabit Redundant Ring Network.

MEDICONSEC patient safety system

Results to be achieved

Safer health care institutions

Security service support through automatic alerts and alarms generated by artificial intelligence

Faster care

Increase of patient satisfaction through more efficient use of resources

The future of healthcare

Automatic generation of information needed for fast and efficient decision making

Reduction of infections

Possibility of Covid-19 post-contact research, planning of patient pathways through real-time and historical data analysis

Challenges in healthcare

Entry into restricted zones, uncontrolled entry and exit, intra-institutional crime

Increased patient waiting times, patients dissatisfied with hospital care

Lack of information to support management decision, no adequate results

Concentration, contact with an infected patient. The risk of spreading Covid-19 is increased in hospitals

Main elements of the Mediconsec system

Access control kiosk module

Mask wearing and body temperature control, movement tracking smart bracelet release

Analysis and decision support module

Management data provision: immediate and direct availability of indicators, reports, analyzes. Real-time monitoring and analysis of past care times, patient pathways, institutional workload, based on the optimization of hospital processes

Patient identification module

For remote reading of patient identification data, recording of patient care data

Law enforcement mobile device module

To handle and resolve security alerts, search for patients and devices

Patient movement control module

Patients’ movements can be tracked and retrieved in real time using an RTLS system (antennas and smart bracelets) and analytical cameras


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